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WSU Research Research Corner

Research Corner: Dr. Manuel Garcia-Pérez

Our world’s dependency on fossil fuels is one of the biggest challenges facing society today. The planet’s fossil fuel reserves are declining and the side effects of extracting and using these fuels are damaging our environment. Thus, a top priority amongst researchers is finding a cleaner, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. At Washington State University, one researcher is taking a unique approach to this global challenge.

“One of man’s earliest achievements was controlling fire for cooking and heating,” said Manuel Garcia-Pérez, … » More …

Research Corner: Dr. Greg Helms

Dr. Gregory Helms, Manager of the WSU Center for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy recently talked about his career at WSU and the services his Center provides to the University and the scientific community beyond.

Q: What is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy?

Helms: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an analytical technique that is used by researchers in chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, material science and food science, to name just a few research fields, to probe the molecular properties of samples. NMR is extremely useful in that you … » More …