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WSU Research Research Council

Research Council

Developing and implementing plans to advance research, scholarship, and creativity at WSU

The WSU Research Council coordinates the development and implementation of plans for WSU research, including the following:

  • Implementation of the 120-Day Study report
  • Formulation of WSU “Grand Challenges” and research themes
  • Development of specific strategies and actions regarding research infrastructure, faculty and student engagement, outreach and other factors key to advancing the WSU research enterprise

Additional responsibilities

Community outreach

Communicate with the WSU community regarding research policies, funding opportunities, and other topics relevant to advancing WSU research

Policy and procedure advising

Advise the Office of Research regarding development and implementation of research related policies and procedures.

Operations advising

Advise the Office of Research regarding management of operational activities in support of WSU research, including efforts in contract administration, research assurances, and University veterinary policies and procedures

Provide input to the Institutional Effectiveness Council

Share information regarding implementation of the WSU Strategic Plan Theme 1, “Exceptional Research, Innovation, and Creativity,” including delivering input on performance metrics

Other tasks

As determined by the Office of Research and WSU leadership


Celestina Barbosa-Leiker, interim associate dean for research, College of Nursing

Glynda Becker, director, Government Relations

Paul Benny, chair, Radiation Safety Committee

Manali Bettendorf, wsu controller

Lisa Calvert, vice president, University Advancement

Ralph Cavalieri, associate vice president, Office of Alternative Energy

Dan Costello, assistant vice president, Facilities Services

Rebecca Craft, associate dean for research and graduate studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Geeta Dutta, director, Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships

Phyllis Erdman, chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Dave Field, associate dean for research and graduate education, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Duane Fladland, state director, Small Business Development Center

Lisa Gloss, interim dean, Graduate School

Ann Goos, strategic communications specialist, Government Relations & External Affairs and University Communications/Office of Research

Fran Hermanson, executive director, Institutional Research

Akram Hossain, interim vice chancellor for research, graduate studies & external programs, WSU Tri-Cities

Colleen Kerr, vice president, Government Relations & External Affairs

Gerik Kimble, associate controller, Business Services/Controller’s Office

Joan King, associate vice president, chief budget officer

Mike Kluzik, director, Office of Research Assurances

Rich Koenig, interim chair, Crop and Soil Sciences; interim chair, Horticulture; associate dean, WSU Extension

Andrea Lazarus, assistant vice president for research, clinical health sciences

Robert Mealey, associate dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

Jim Moyer, associate dean, College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences, and director, Agricultural Research Center

Dan Nordquist, associate vice president, Office of Research Support and Operations

Jeannie Padowski, chair, Institutional Review Board

Sita Pappu, director, Office of Commercialization

Craig Parks, special assistant to the provost

Alex Pietsch, associate vice president, Provost Office

Sasi Pillay, vice president and cio, Information Technology

Paul Pitre, chancellor, WSU North Puget Sound at Everett

Christine Portfors, associate vice chancellor for research and graduate education, WSU Vancouver

John Roll, senior vice chancellor, WSU Spokane

Amy Roth-McDuffie, professor, education, Department of Teaching and Learning

Eric Shelden, chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee

Matt Skinner, associate vice president & chief enterprise systems officer

David Sprott, senior associate dean, Carson College of Business, Department of Marketing

Alex Tan, professor, Murrow College of Communication

Paul Whitney, associate vice president, International Programs

Mike Wolcott, regents professor, Office of Clean Technology

Nina Woodford, director, Office of the Campus Veterinarian


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