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WSU Research Around the Office of Research

The Office of Research promotes wellness through health challenge

When the results from the last WSU employee survey were released, the Office of Research (OR) was surprised that most employees had little to no information about the health and wellness programs offered at the University.

In response to the survey, Denise Keeton, assistant director of business operations in the Office of Commercialization, created the “New Year, New You: Healthy Lifestyle Challenge” for OR employees to participate in throughout the month of January.

“A few years ago, I made some healthy lifestyle changes for myself. Shortly after, I started to see positive changes in other areas of my life as well,” said Keeton. “After the … » More …

IREO to host online course on working with industry

Industry brings a unique perspective to basic research in university settings and provides insights that can help guide efforts to ensure students are career ready and faculty are submitting competitive proposals. However, due to unique barriers, the process for finding industry funding requires a distinct approach. The Innovation and Research Engagement Office (IREO) will host an online course for faculty interested in developing an industry partnership to add to their funding portfolio.

The four-session course called, “Working with Industry 101: Tools and tips for getting private sector funding,” will take place from 3-5 p.m. on May 13, 15, 19, and 21. Faculty are asked to … » More …

A closer look at cold atoms and quantum computing

Experts in quantum computing, sensing, and simulation with cold atoms gathered on the Washington State University (WSU) Pullman campus in February for a Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN) workshop and to discuss the state of quantum physics research in the region. The workshop, held prior to the current meeting restrictions, focused particularly on the role of atomic systems in the future of quantum technology and included participants from across the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Canada.

The implementation of cold atom systems, including trapped ions, degenerate gases, Rydberg excitations, and ultracold molecules, have generated a boom in the development of fundamental quantum science over the last few … » More …

OR COVID-19 website provides resource for research guidelines and information

In conjunction with the WSU COVID-19 website, the Office of Research has also created a dedicated section on its website to provide COVID-19 related information and resources for the research community.

Over the past two months, the Office of Research has provided guidance for conduct of research during the pandemic to the WSU research community. Those messages can be found at

The Office of Research has developed a COVID-19 research related Questions and Answers page. We recognize that not every concern or question may be addressed, especially those with uniquely individual circumstances. We will continue to provide research related updates through … » More …

Regulations apply to hazardous materials shipping

Recently, researchers have attempted to export research materials abroad. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and other federal law enforcement agencies have increased their surveillance efforts to identify transport of research materials and verify that those exports comply with federal laws. These efforts are part of a nationwide enforcement to control the transport of biological materials that may present a threat to our national security or reduce the theft of intellectual property developed in the U.S., much of it with federal funds.

Transporting certain materials may require import/export permits or other documentation from federal agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Food and Drug … » More …

Rice to feed the world given a funding boost

Asaph Cousins, professor in the WSU School of Biological Science, is a co-PI on a multinational research project focused on revolutionizing global rice production.

The next phase of what is known as the C4 Rice Project has been given the green light for five years during which time scientists believe they will develop a prototype for a strain of rice which would give extra yield and endure harsher environmental conditions.

Put simply, it could help to feed a world which is already struggling to provide for its expanding population, particularly in South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, over 3 billion people in Asia depend … » More …

NSF announces JASON report: Fundamental Research Security

WSU is committed to raising its status as one of the country’s top research universities. But we’re not working alone. Alongside us are funders, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), who are diligently working to ensure their grant money is put towards innovative and exciting research that will benefit our people, our country, and our world.

In order for WSU to grow, we need to continue to retain our talented researchers and staff, and help them collaborate with other brilliant minds across the globe. To ensure WSU is able to do this, we are advising everyone to read and consider the NSF JASON Report … » More …

Visiting researchers required to fill out IP form

As WSU strives to achieve our strategic goals, it is important we make sure we are maintaining our integrity and using our policies to guide our actions.

One of the best ways WSU can improve relations between our institution and others is to invite guest faculty and scholars. Visiting faculty or visiting scholars are faculty members or professionals from other institutions who come to WSU to teach, collaborate, or assist with research.

Typically, a position as visiting scholar is for a couple weeks or longer, though it can be extended. The faculty or professional then returns to their home institution at the end of their … » More …

WSU Office of Research Assurances assists with Export Controls

Research efforts at Washington State University are a global endeavor. Dissemination of ideas is a core value. These two statements are at the intersection of WSU’s Export Control Program, as University faculty, staff, and students will likely cross paths with federal export control regulations that impose restrictions. Export controls are a complex set of federal regulations that govern the release of certain commodities, technologies, and software to foreign nationals in the United States and abroad. These controls are in place to promote national security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, and non-proliferation. The three U.S. regulations impacting research are Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations … » More …

PNNL-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program Applications Open

The WSU Office of Research, the WSU Graduate School, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are pleased to announce the call for applications for the fourth cohort of the Distinguished Graduate Research Program (DGRP). Incoming students are nominated jointly by a WSU faculty and a PNNL scientist.

The DGRP is intended to increase the quality and quantity of STEM doctoral students across the WSU system, while providing an enhanced research experience by aligning WSU faculty, students, and PNNL scientists with the unique capabilities and research programs at PNNL. Funding support is provided jointly from WSU and PNNL sources. Prior to completing required course requirements and … » More …

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