Reporting offices

Units affiliated with the Office of Research

Office of Clean Technology

The Office of Clean Technology (OCT) provides representation for forums and groups aimed at developing solutions to environmental issues. Led by Dr. Michael Wolcott, OCT strives to address issues around air and water quality, biofuel and bioproducts development, advanced materials, sustainable infrastructure design, precision agriculture, and smart grid. OCT oversees several centers, including the Center for Materials Research, Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and the Environment, and the Institute for Sustainable Design.

Office of Commercialization

The Office of Commercialization (OC) supports faculty and students efforts to translate research discoveries into innovations ready for the marketplace. Led by Dr. Sita Pappu, the OC works with researchers to ensure innovations and discoveries are evaluated, protected where possible, and licensed by industry partners or start-ups.

Office of Research Support and Operations

The Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) review and submit research proposals, lead award and non-monetary agreement negotiations, and related compliance, training, and data reporting operations. They also support Office of Research activities related to the ONEWSU.  Led by Dan Nordquist, ORSO provide tools that make it easier for faculty to proceed through administrative processes and update researchers on federal, state, and WSU policies and guidelines governing the conduct of research.

Office of the Campus Veterinarian

The Office of the Campus Veterinarian (OCV) oversees and administers high-level care to animals across the WSU system. Led by Nina Woodford, OCV provides a complete range of services including veterinary care, vivarium services, training and research, and safety support while assuring compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines for laboratory animal care.

Office of Research Assurances

The Office of Research Assurances supports and promotes safe, compliant and ethical research practices at WSU. Led by Mike Kluzik, ORA administers the Presidential committees that oversee research with animals, biological agents, humans and radiation. ORA also provides hazardous materials shipping services and administers the export control program.

Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships

The Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships (ORAP) provides the services needed to support and expand WSU’s research enterprise. ORAP enables faculty to write award-winning proposals by providing grant writing training, proposal editing and reviews, proposal development assistance, targeted funding searches, and information sessions on many aspects of the research funding process. Led by Interim Director Samuel Rodriguez, ORAP also leads research expansion activities that include fostering research partnerships across colleges and beyond. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez also oversees some of the WSU Centers, Institutes, and Research Instrumentation Cores, which supports interdisciplinary research that builds on WSU’s strengths and supply state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate discovery. ORAP also manages the oversight of accountability and fiscal responsibility for Office of Research approved Centers, Institutes, and Cores, which include the Center for Institutional Research Computing, the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bioanalysis, the Nuclear Science Center, the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center, and the Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach.

Innovation and Research Engagement Office

The Innovation and Research Engagement Office (IREO) provides administrative support for faculty and external partners working to establish new research partnerships. Led by Dr. Brian Kraft, IREO highlights specific expertise across campus and links it directly to areas of interest for industry partners. IREO also fosters entrepreneurial activities at WSU through programs that encourage engagement and entrepreneurship.