Undergraduate research

Nurturing tomorrow’s research scholars

  • A closeup of Floricel Gonzalez Understanding viruses

    Research experiences prepare undergraduate student to pursue a career in virology “I like viruses,” said Floricel Gonzalez. “They’re awesome.” The microbiology and English double major went on. “But we need […]

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  • A closeup of Bree Berg Award-winning cancer research

    Undergraduate student earns national recognition Last year Bree Berg was one of 10 students nationwide—and the first WSU student ever—selected by the American Association for Cancer Research (AARC) to receive […]

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The most valuable learning experiences come not from textbooks, but from real-world challenges in the laboratory and the field. At Washington State University, research forms the cornerstone of the undergraduate experience.

Faculty members nurture talented undergraduates, immersing them in the art and science of research, preparing them to launch studies of their own. Students learn how to gather data, develop hypotheses, and test and refine them—or reject them and start again when necessary.

WSU undergraduates become adept at working across disciplines to explore important questions and communicate results. Some conduct and even publish noteworthy research before earning a bachelor’s degree.

The Office of Undergraduate Research guides students of all majors as they learn to balance discipline and creativity to meet our society’s next generation of challenges.