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Washington State University researchers untangle complex problems to enrich quality of life for us all. Their work safeguards the health of humans and animals. It helps ensure the security and abundance of our food supply. It cultivates sustainable sources of energy to power future generations. Discoveries and innovations of this Tier 1 research institution fuel prosperity across the Pacific Northwest.

Research news

Biofuels DigestOctober 6, 202115 projects win $130M+ in USDA Sustainable Agricultural Systems grants: the complete winners

In Washington, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will invest up more than $130 million in sustainable agricultural research projects aimed at improving a robust, resilient, climate-smart food and agricultural system.

Lewiston TribuneOctober 2, 2021Getting the plastic out

WSU scientists seek more sustainable mulch to replace the more commonly used nonbiodegradable synthetic options

Lewiston TribuneOctober 2, 2021Assessing soil health

WSU researchers use electric current produced by tiny microbes to make such determinations in real time

Lewiston TribuneOctober 2, 2021Artificial intelligence to the rescue

WSU-led consortium aims to develop AI tools to address agricultural issues

ScienceSeptember 17, 2021Post-pandemic: The power of crisis management planning

No matter our profession, organization, sector, or ecosystem, we will always have to navigate unforeseen circumstances in our careers. The pandemic has taught faculty the power and promise of incorporating crisis management plans into our career strategies.

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Partnerships, commercialization,
and financial support

Partners in discovery

Collaboration accelerates and strengthens the discovery of WSU scholars. Partners in industry, government, and academia help WSU faculty address a set of Grand Challenges—priorities that focus on urgent problems of the state, nation, and world.

Bringing innovations to the marketplace

WSU researchers’ technological innovations drive economic expansion for the state of Washington and the nation. Find out how WSU partners with private industry to move from invention to commercialization.

Your gift touches lives worldwide

WSU’s growing research agenda is fueled by the generous sponsorship of government, industry, organizations, friends, and alumni. Their financial support also makes possible unparalleled learning experiences in the lab and the field for WSU students. Please join us in shaping the future. Make a gift to support life-changing research at WSU.