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Washington State University researchers untangle complex problems to enrich quality of life for us all. Their work safeguards the health of humans and animals. It helps ensure the security and abundance of our food supply. It cultivates sustainable sources of energy to power future generations. Discoveries and innovations of this Tier 1 research institution fuel prosperity across the Pacific Northwest.

Research news August 17, 2022 Promotion doesn’t add up to gender equity at leading accounting firms

Often instead of making partner, women in public accounting firms appear to be sidelined into less prestigious, less powerful director positions, a study has found.

Yahoo!News August 12, 2022 Yes, ‘single use’ masks are recyclable. Here’s how

Several studies have demonstrated the feasibility of recycling these plastic-rich products into a range of materials, including LEDs and cement additives.

Healthline August 10, 2022 States with legalized cannabis have fewer synthetic cannabinoid poisonings

In the new study, researchers examined Poison Control data between 2016 and 2019. During that time, there were 7,600 calls related to synthetic cannabinoid use.

Scibd August 9, 2022 Dry lightning sparks many of the worst wildfires

Dry lightning has sparked some of the most destructive, costly wildfires in modern California history, a new study shows.

The Spokesman-Review July 12, 2022 ‘These images belong to all of us’: Spokane-area astronomers celebrate out-of-this-world footage from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Webb’s First Deep Field is an infrared image that covers a miniscule patch of sky visible from the Southern hemisphere. The image illustrates the early universe with thousands of shimmering galaxies that help fill the celestial void. It is the highest resolution infrared image of the early universe that has ever existed. July 11, 2022 Deep economic divide found even among employed people during COVID-19

An exploratory study with implications for the growing gig-economy indicates there were only two kinds of workers during COVID-19: the haves and the have-nots.

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