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The WSU Library provides resources to assist WSU faculty members and students who are creating strategies for storing, describing, and providing access to their research data.

Please see these Data Management Plan (DMP)-generating tools for additional support as appropriate:

The DMP Tool, which can be used to search for public DMPs from other Universities or institutions

The DMP Assistant is a national, online, bilingual data management planning tool developed  to assist researchers in preparing Data Management Plans. This tool is freely available to all researchers, and develops a DMP through a series of key data management questions, supported by best-practice guidance and examples.

Browse through this listing of NIH-supported repositories to learn more about some places to share scientific data. 

Talk to your ATO!

Work with your Area Technology Officers (ATO)! They can assist you with your specific research needs as appropriate, including any costing concerns, can help identify technology options to meet regulatory needs, provide guidance with the technical language for your data management and data sharing plans, and assist with the design, build, and deployment of your plans.

Your College or Area information technology support unit can assist you in contacting your ATO if you are unaware of who that might be.

Requirements By Agency

More Resources

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has distributed a new Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy (NIH-OD-21-013), requiring researchers to plan prospectively for managing and sharing scientific data generated with NIH funds. The NIH is just one of many federal funders who will be requiring researchers to submit DMS plans with their proposals, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DOD), and the Department of Energy (DOE). To remain compliant, this policy requires a data management and sharing plan for ALL federally funded projects that result in the generation of scientific data.

The main objective of this policy is to maximize research outcomes while supporting rigor and reproducibility through leading a cultural shift that makes data sharing the norm. These policies also emphasize the importance of good data management practices and establish expectations for maximizing the appropriate sharing of scientific data generated from federally-funded research. 

WSU has access to several tools in place to help you submit a highly competitive proposal and manage your data, including OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, our Regulated Data Environment (RDE) through ITS, REDCap services, and other sponsor approved mechanisms. Appropriate utilization of such tools will be dependent on the data classification requirements specified in the opportunity notice, proposal submission materials, and/or funding mechanism.

For more details pertaining to requirements, NIH describes the elements of a DMS plan here, provided an example draft of a Data Management and Sharing Plan, and released a Budgeting for Data Management & Sharing website.  While these resources come from the NIH, they can be used as resources for helping understand the needs and requirements of a DMP for any federal funders.

Other Resources

Other Questions?

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