About the Office of Research

Strategic foundation for WSU innovation and discovery

Office of Research Vision

We support Washington State University’s vision of being one of the nation’s leading land-grant universities, preeminent in research and discovery, teaching, and engagement.

Office of Research Mission

The Office of Research supports the WSU land-grant mission by partnering with the University community and other stakeholders to advance, extend, and apply knowledge across the full range of scholarly disciplines pursued at WSU. WSU research, scholarship, and creativity advance new ideas that benefit the state, region, nation and world. The Office of Research fosters a culture of inclusion, openness, innovation, and entrepreneurship that leads to creative discovery and its application, including bringing innovation to the marketplace. We lead the WSU research community in conducting research in a safe manner that is also ethical and cultivates individual and institutional integrity, and is in compliance to state, federal and international applicable regulations and laws. The Office of Research serves the University community by supporting the research infrastructure needed for discovery to flourish and for researchers to collaborate effectively across campuses and disciplines. We work collaboratively and form partnerships with federal and non-federal agencies on research to advance society.

Office of Research Values

Collaboration and Partnership

We work to advance the research enterprise through collaboration and partnership with all 11 colleges and University leadership among WSU’s six campuses. This collaboration and partnership is central to our operations. Together, we all strive to grow our research enterprise in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Research, Scholarship, and Creativity: We are committed to the pursuit of inquiry and discovery in all WSU disciplines; and to the creation and dissemination of knowledge for the public good.

Service, Stewardship, and Accountability: We are committed to providing the range of services and infrastructure required to support WSU’s researchers in today’s fast-changing environment. We will be ethical and responsible stewards of the University resources that provide this support.

Safety and Compliance: We are committed to building and supporting a safety mindset and culture across the entire University system. We lead the WSU community in the shared responsibility of conducting research that is ethical and in compliance to state, federal and international applicable regulations and laws.

Quality, Excellence, and Thought Leadership: We are committed to providing quality and excellence in all of our efforts to advance WSU’s reputation as a thought leader of a top-tier research institution.

Integrity, Trust, and Respect: We are committed to ensuring trust and respect for all persons in an environment that cultivates individual and institutional integrity in all that we do.

Freedom of Expression: We are committed to the free exchange of ideas in a constructive and civil environment, including the canons of academic freedom in research, teaching, and outreach.

Diversity and Global Citizenship: We embrace a worldview that recognizes and values the importance of domestic and global diversity, global interdependence, and sustainability.

Land-Grant Ideals: We are committed to achieving the land-grant ideals of access, engagement, leadership, and service to bring the practical benefits of education and research to the state, nation, and global community. We will support the pursuit of research with broad societal impact.