Updated Executive Policy #2 now live

Finalized revisions of Executive Policy 2 (EP2), the Policy for Allocating Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Recovery Revenue, has been posted on the Executive Policy Manual website.

When WSU receives grants and contracts, the sponsored awards include funds for direct costs such as salary support, supplies, and specialized equipment, as well as F&A or indirect costs such as administrative support, library costs, utilities, and janitorial support. F&A is an important source of cost recovery funds for the University.

As we continue on our path towards the Drive to 25 and ONEWSU, it is important we review all aspects of our sponsored research policies. With suggestions from groups like Faculty Senate, Research Council, and others, we have drafted the new EP#2 to ensure that all funds will be allocated transparently, strategically, and in support of the WSU Strategic Plan. This new structure will help ensure all F&A funds are managed with full accountability.

Additionally, our system administration has committed to an ongoing F&A cost analysis and will make any necessary changes to F&A allocation as best identified for the University.

Thank you for your continued support as we update and revise the policy and implement these changes.