This month, the Office of Research held its Recognition Reception, an event which honored Washington State University’s top industry engaged researchers in 2017.

New Technologies Licenses

  • Bruce Barritt and Katherine Evans, WA 38 “Cosmic Crisp”®
  • Steven Ullrich, 04WA-113.22 two-row spring barley “Elise”
  • Arron Carter, WA8180 standard height hard red winter wheat “Sequoia”
  • Stephen Jones, WA8092 Soft White Winter Wheat “Otto”
  • Michael Pumphrey, WA8074 Hard Red Spring Wheat “Glee”
  • Amit Dhingra, Control of Ripening and Senescence in Pre-harvest and Post-harvest Plant Organs
  • Patrick Moore, Gem (WSU 1605) Raspberry and Cascade Belle (WSU1607) Raspberry
  • Jon Oatley, NANOS Knock-out that ablates germline cells
  • Jinwen Zhang, Mild chemical degradation of thermosetting polymers using heteropoly acid and Lewis acid as catalysts
  • Weihong (Katie) Zhong, Protein-based Nanofabrics as Multi-functional “Green” Air Filtering Materials for High Efficiency Particulate and Toxic Chemical Filtration
  • Mani V. Venkatasubramanian, Angular Stability Monitoring
  • Lawrence Holder and Diane Cook, Real-Time Generalizable Smart Phone-Based Activity Recognition
  • Benjamin Shors, The Blackfeet Flood Documentary
  • Jeffrey Kensrud, Flex grip sports ball pitching machine tip
  • Yuehe Lin and Annie Du, Hybrid Nanoflowers for Bioassay
  • Boel Fransson, Laproscopic surgical skill assessment tool for Veterinarians

New Industry Partnerships

  • Gregory Belenky and United Airlines
  • Karl Englund and Boeing
  • Felix Lankester and Merck & Company
  • Min Kyu Song and Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
  • Saeed Lotfifard and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Anurag K. Srivastava and Siemens Corporation
  • Jennifer Zambriski and Bayer
  • Hans Van Dongen and Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • Jinwen Zhang and Jiangsu Citic Century New Materials, Ltd.
  • Christopher John Davis and Neurodetective International
  • Hakan Gurocak and Ossur
  • Naidu A. Rayapati and Washington Wine Advisory Committee
  • Santanu Bose and Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals

Katrina Mealey was also recognized for her MDR1 gene mutation detection technology, which achieved over $1 million in revenue.