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  • Drywall Waste Blocks Researchers Solve Construction Waste Problem with Help of Amazon Catalyst Grant

    Construction waste is a growing problem in the United States. Waste consists of unwanted materials left over during new construction or renovations from both residential and commercial buildings. The waste consists of materials such as bricks, concrete, wood, asphalt shingles, and gypsum drywall. Some construction waste can be recycled and reused, but much of it ends up in landfills. This is especially true for drywall waste, which makes up nearly 10 percent of unrecycled construction waste.

    In an effort to solve this problem, two Washington State University faculty members began developing masonry blocks using leftover drywall waste. The blocks are made from a high percentage … » More …

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  • Ashley Norberg Awarded the 2019 Technician of the Year Award

    Ashley Norberg, animal technician II in the Integrated Vivarium Services (IVS) unit of the Office of the Campus Veterinarian, recently received the 2019 Technician of the Year award by the Northern Rocky Mountain American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Branch. This award recognizes animal care technical staff that go above and beyond their job descriptions and is a tribute to the technician’s integrity, work ethic and excellence.

    Norberg has worked for Washington State University for over five years. She has become an integral part of providing high quality animal care to the research and teaching animals housed the WSU Pullman IVS facilities. Her professional, … » More …

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  • NSF and NIH Release Statements about Sexual Harassment in Science

    Washington State University is committed to advancing, extending, and applying knowledge across the full range of scholarly disciplines pursued at WSU. The Office of Research fosters a culture of inclusion, openness, innovation, and entrepreneurship that leads to creative discovery and its application in an atmosphere free of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation.

    Over the last nine months, both the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have released statements regarding sexual harassment. The NSF statement announced new measures to protect the research community from harassment. For additional information, please visit the NSF Sexual Harassment webpage. The NIH statement outlines actions that … » More …

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  • Cannabis trichome WSU researchers tease out genetic differences between cannabis strains

    Their work is a powerful new tool for addressing a bevy of regulatory concerns and commercial claims as non-medical marijuana, hemp and CBD products become more commonplace.

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  • Final call: Amazon Catalyst grants application open until May 31

    The Amazon Catalyst program is accepting applications from all current Washington State University students, faculty, and staff at WSU’s Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Everett and Global campuses. The deadline to apply is May 31.

    Amazon and WSU have teamed up to create Amazon Catalyst, a program to help launch the next big idea. The Amazon Catalyst encourages people in all fields to think big, invent solutions to real-world problems, and make a positive impact on the world. Winners join a community of innovators–Amazon Catalyst Fellows–who share a passion for finding innovative solutions to real-world problems. Proposals selected for the program will receive up to $10,000 … » More …

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  • WSU’s 17th annual Business Plan Competition winners include four I-Corp teams

    Four of the five winning teams in Washington State University’s annual Business Plan Competition participated in the WSU I-Corps program.

    The competition, hosted by WSU’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies on April 25, featured more than 30 student venture teams presenting their business ideas and competed for cash and in-kind prizes totaling more than $75,000.

    The College League winning teams include:

    Created a device and app pairing system that can screen for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
    Crimson Medical Solutions
    Created a noninvasive modular organization system for intravenous lines in the medical environment.
    Hitchhiker Carpooling
    Created a ridesharing app for college … » More …

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  • Faculty Senate and the Office of Research Task Force on CILs Issues Report

    By Geeta Dutta, Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships

    In November 2017, the Faculty Senate and the Office of Research jointly chartered a task force to review Washington State University’s Centers, Institutes, and Laboratories (CILs) policies and procedures associated with defining, creating, reviewing, and renewing CILs.

    Previously, the Faculty Senate’s Research and Arts Committee (RAC) reviewed proposals, made recommendations for the approval of new CILs, and created reports for the Faculty Senate and the vice president for research, which were then sent on to the University president. The RAC also reviewed and renewed CILs every five years. But it was the Board of Regents that … » More …

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  • Linguistics major and Spokane native Ava Beck Fulbright Summer Institute to the U.K. award takes WSU sophomore to Wales

    Linguistics major Ava Beck is the fourth WSU student to receive the summer institute’s award; three students, also from the WSU Honors College, received it in 2014.

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  • A typical case of chlorosis affecting the leaves of Concord grape vines. How soil microbiology might help your PB&J

    Researchers at Washington State University are helping grape growers fight iron chlorosis, a pervasive and destructive disease that threatens Concord grapevines throughout the state.

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  • Chien-Yi Chu at a war museum in Manchester, England. Study abroad inspires design student’s plan to aid refugees

    Graduate student Chien-yi Chu designed the concept for a mobile app that she hopes someday could help refugees assimilate in the UK, navigate their first days in a new home, and become a part of the community.

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  • Design of a proposed elk hoof research facility. WSU begins elk hoof disease research facility construction

    The proposed four-acre elk research facility includes 10 isolation pens, a handling facility, and two 1.5-acre holding pastures.

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  • Closeup of a cluster of grapes with powdery mildew. WSU researcher leads $4.75 million effort to address fungicide resistant mildew

    Grapevine powdery mildew is a perennial challenge grape growers face that can decimate crops if left unchecked, costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

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  • U.S. and Egyptian scientists and policymakers involved in the establishment of the Alexandria Water Resilience Center for Excellence. Water Research Center tapped to help establish Egyptian Water Center of Excellence

    The initiative is funded by a $30 million grant from USAID as part of a program to initiate Centers of Excellence in water, energy and agriculture in Egypt.

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  • Neuroscientists Hannah Schoch and Ashley Ingiosi investigate the genetic basis of sleep problems in autism in the Peixoto laboratory at WSU Health Sciences Spokane. WSU study links gene to sleep problems in autism

    A new study led by a team of WSU neuroscientists has brought scientists closer to identifying the causes of disturbed sleep in autism.

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  • WSU Tri-Cities Undergraduate Research Symposium and Art Exhibition April 30 – May 3: Students present research, course projects during symposium and art exhibition

    Join WSU Tri-Cities undergraduate students as they present research and art projects as part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium and Art Exhibition April 30 – May 3.

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  • Closeup of smiling baby wearing an EEG cap. Netflix‑featured WSU lab recruiting new parents for study

    A team of Washington State University psychologists is looking for new parents in the Pullman/Moscow area to participate in a study investigating how parent‑child interactions influence the development of a baby’s brain and behaviors.

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  • Closeup of Michael Cleveland. College‑age males at bars, parties more likely to be sexually aggressive

    WSU research finds that the setting where alcohol is consumed, not just the consumption itself, has a major impact on the use of aggressive tactics.

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  • Closeup of Aaron Feaver. Feaver named JCDREAM director

    The Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM) has announced a new director to lead the group.

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  • OC releases standard patenting procedures and expectations

    The WSU Office of Commercialization (OC) has engaged in discussions with the leadership of the colleges over the past year to develop an invention management process that encourages more faculty and researcher participation that promotes industrial engagement. OC has begun implementing this process in the past few months and is now sharing this process with the inventors when a patent application is filed. This article provides an outline of that standard process and the associated expectations.

    Initial steps when OC receives an invention disclosure:

    OC will file a placeholder Provisional Patent Application (PPA) in an effort to preserve rights if public disclosure is … » More …

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  • VPR Chris Keane toured the Goodman, Kelley, and Cornejo Laboratories

    As part of the Office of Research’s emphasis on safety, Vice President for Research Chris Keane, along with Mike Kluzik, director of the Office of Research Assurances, toured the Goodman Laboratory, the Kelley Laboratory, and the Cornejo Laboratory in April.

    VPR Keane and Kluzik have conducted several walk-through visits of individual WSU research laboratories throughout the academic year. These visits are not inspections, but rather an opportunity to positively engage WSU faculty, staff, and students regarding safety and identify means by which the Office of Research can better support the University’s safety efforts.

    Research in the Goodman Laboratory focuses on the immune response to pathogenic … » More …

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