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  • A student presents her research at the 2019 SURCA event. SURCA 2020 abstract book now available online

    Around 250 students submitted nearly 200 abstracts summarizing their work and results from mentored research, scholarship and creative pursuits.

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  • Prescription bottle of medicinal marijuana lays open on a table. Study indicates vaporized cannabis creates drug-seeking behavior

    The WSU research team found that rats with regular access to cannabis seek more of the substance and tend to show increased drug-seeking behavior when cannabis is absent.

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  • A group of students interact with a dog. WSU research made headlines worldwide in 2019

    From Instagram selfies to an ancient tattoo tool, WSU research reached a potential audience in the billions last year.

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  • Engaging our statewide community

    Over the next four weeks, four WSU researchers will share their work and expertise with communities across the state as part of the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau.

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  • Two women work together at a laptop. Faculty invited to apply for Affordable Learning Grants

    The Office of the Provost is offering Affordable Learning Grants to fund faculty exploration and adoption of affordable learning materials. Grants ranging from $1,500 to $4,500 are available for faculty at all levels and all WSU locations.

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  • A student presents on her research at the annual SURCA event. Undergrads take center stage at SURCA

    On March 30, the CUB Senior Ballroom will be filled with posters on research and creative activities from the full spectrum of WSU’s academic enterprise as part of the annual Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.

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  • Regulations apply to hazardous materials shipping

    Recently, researchers have attempted to export research materials abroad. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and other federal law enforcement agencies have increased their surveillance efforts to identify transport of research materials and verify that those exports comply with federal laws. These efforts are part of a nationwide enforcement to control the transport of biological materials that may present a threat to our national security or reduce the theft of intellectual property developed in the U.S., much of it with federal funds.

    Transporting certain materials may require import/export permits or other documentation from federal agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Food and Drug … » More …

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  • The Office of Research Celebrates 2019 Achievements

    Raising our institutional profile through the Drive to 25 opens new opportunities for research, creative activity, and scholarship. Over the past year, this newsletter has highlighted numerous outstanding achievements of WSU faculty, staff, and students engaged in research activities supporting the Drive to 25.

    The Office of Research and other college, campus, and administrative offices actively support the WSU research enterprise. In this newsletter, we recognize some notable 2019 accomplishments of the Office of Research in support of the university’s research mission.

    Advancing research and its application

    WSU research continued to see growth in fiscal years 2018 and 2019. In FY2018, WSU set a record … » More …

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  • WSU biologist Joanna Kelley takes water samples from a stream College-funded grants ‘seed’ big-picture, interdisciplinary research

    CAS faculty and graduate students in diverse areas are combining forces with colleagues across the university to tackle critical questions by integrating knowledge in a wide array of fields—criminology, biology, English, medicine, archaeology, nursing and more.

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  • Closeup of Assefaw Gebremedhin. Connecting AI research

    A new web portal includes information to connect faculty interested in AI across WSU, serving as a resource for researchers as well as for collaborators and supporters.

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  • WSU cougar logo. Office of Commercialization awards 10 WSU researchers with commercialization funding

    The Commercialization Gap Fund is intended to be the final funding step for near market-ready technologies in the areas of clean tech, engineering, human and animal health, and agricultural and/or information technologies.

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  • Participants at 2019 Academic Showcase Submit abstracts by Jan. 15 for Showcase poster sessions

    Each applicant must submit an abstract of 250 words or less about their research or creative activity. Topics presented at last year’s event ranged from genetics and medical sciences to agricultural practices and literature.

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  • WSU cougar logo. Postdocs play key role in university success

    From important lab work and data collection to evaluating research, teaching and offering diverse perspectives on scholarship, postdocs enrich the academic environment and advance WSU’s land grant mission.

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  • Rice to feed the world given a funding boost

    Asaph Cousins, professor in the WSU School of Biological Science, is a co-PI on a multinational research project focused on revolutionizing global rice production.

    The next phase of what is known as the C4 Rice Project has been given the green light for five years during which time scientists believe they will develop a prototype for a strain of rice which would give extra yield and endure harsher environmental conditions.

    Put simply, it could help to feed a world which is already struggling to provide for its expanding population, particularly in South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, over 3 billion people in Asia depend … » More …

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  • NSF announces JASON report: Fundamental Research Security

    WSU is committed to raising its status as one of the country’s top research universities. But we’re not working alone. Alongside us are funders, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), who are diligently working to ensure their grant money is put towards innovative and exciting research that will benefit our people, our country, and our world.

    In order for WSU to grow, we need to continue to retain our talented researchers and staff, and help them collaborate with other brilliant minds across the globe. To ensure WSU is able to do this, we are advising everyone to read and consider the NSF JASON Report … » More …

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  • Extending a heartfelt happy holidays!

    As we celebrate this holiday season and the coming New Year with our families and friends, we want to thank each and every one of you for all your great work and commitment to advancing creative activity, research, and scholarship at WSU.

    The Office of Research works with administration, faculty, staff, and students system-wide to advance the university’s land-grant mission. Your sustained efforts and dedication to WSU made the accomplishments of 2019 possible. We are excited to continue our work in the coming year as we strive to achieve our Drive to 25 goals.

    We, in the Office of Research, hope you enjoy some well-deserved … » More …

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  • PNNL-WSU graduate program applications open

    Interested co‑advisors from WSU and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory should submit a joint-Distinguished Graduate Research Program application online by Friday, Jan. 10.

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  • WSU cougar logo. WSU opens applications for SURCA 2020 undergraduate research poster presentations

    WSU undergraduates can submit abstracts now through Feb. 20 to present posters on March 30 at Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) 2020.

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  • Visiting researchers required to fill out IP form

    As WSU strives to achieve our strategic goals, it is important we make sure we are maintaining our integrity and using our policies to guide our actions.

    One of the best ways WSU can improve relations between our institution and others is to invite guest faculty and scholars. Visiting faculty or visiting scholars are faculty members or professionals from other institutions who come to WSU to teach, collaborate, or assist with research.

    Typically, a position as visiting scholar is for a couple weeks or longer, though it can be extended. The faculty or professional then returns to their home institution at the end of their … » More …

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  • WSU Office of Research Assurances assists with Export Controls

    Research efforts at Washington State University are a global endeavor. Dissemination of ideas is a core value. These two statements are at the intersection of WSU’s Export Control Program, as University faculty, staff, and students will likely cross paths with federal export control regulations that impose restrictions. Export controls are a complex set of federal regulations that govern the release of certain commodities, technologies, and software to foreign nationals in the United States and abroad. These controls are in place to promote national security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, and non-proliferation. The three U.S. regulations impacting research are Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations … » More …

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