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  • Five faculty earn awards for global research travel

    By Craig Lawson, International Programs

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Five faculty members are recipients of the fifth annual International Research Travel Awards at Washington State University.

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  • March 1 deadline for volunteer judges for SURCA

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Faculty, staff and post-doctorates are sought to volunteer by the March 1 deadline to help judge the sixth annual Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (SURCA) at Washington State University.

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  • Jan. 27-29: Helping neighborhoods adapt to climate change

    SAN FRANCISCO – Five public, community workshops to help some San Francisco neighborhoods adapt to sea level rising, flooding and drought will be hosted by the Washington State University Adaptive Water Urbanism Initiative Jan. 27-29.

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  • Jan. 18: Sports research series begins

    By C. Brandon Chapman, College of Education

    PULLMAN, Wash. – The political ramifications of international sports require that we think of them not just as competitions, but also as a legitimate political institution, according to Scott Jedlicka, assistant professor in sport management at Washington State University.

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  • Scientists discover perennial hybrid of wheat, wheatgrass

    By Seth Truscott, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

    MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – With a hybrid crop called Salish Blue, scientists at Washington State University have combined wheat and wheatgrass in a new species with the potential to help Pacific Northwest farmers and the environment.

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  • Researchers develop environmentally friendly, soy air filter

    By Tina Hilding, Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University researchers have developed a soy-based air filter that can capture toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, that current air filters can’t.

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  • Undergraduate research applications open through Feb. 15

    By Beverly Makhani, Undergraduate Education

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Undergraduate students at Washington State University have until Feb. 15 to apply for $1,000 awards to support their faculty-mentored research, scholarship and creative activities.

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  • Feb. 15 deadline for pharmacy student research program

    By Lori Maricle, College of Pharmacy

    SPOKANE, Wash. – The deadline is Feb. 15 for undergraduate and professional students to apply for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) in the College of Pharmacy, which just received renewed funding for the program for three years.

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  • Need for a better microscope prompts launch of a startup

    By WIll Ferguson, College of Arts & Sciences

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University physicist Matthew McCluskey wasn’t trying to invent the next generation of material characterization microscopes, but when he couldn’t get the results he wanted from the best on the market, he improvised.

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  • Wood-based biofuel powers cross-country flight

    WSU-led coalition partners with Alaska Airlines for the world’s first commercial flight using fuel made from forest residuals.

    In November 2016 a commercial airplane powered by jet fuel made from woody biomass took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The historic Alaska Airlines flight to Washington, D.C. marked the culmination of five years of collaborative research exploring renewable, alternative jet fuel. Led by Washington State University, the research initiative laid the groundwork for development of an aviation biofuels industry in the Pacific Northwest.

    As the world’s finite supply of fossil fuels dwindles, availability of renewable sources of jet fuel will become increasingly important. Woody biomass ... » More ...

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  • Computer models find ancient solutions to modern problems

    By Will Ferguson, College of Arts & Sciences

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University archaeologists are at the helm of new research using sophisticated computer technology to learn how past societies responded to climate change.

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  • Gap fund awards help get WSU innovations to market

    By Alyssa Patrick, Office of Research

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Wound healing, smart textiles, biodegradable hydraulic fluid and estimation of apple crops with a smartphone are some of the innovations that are closer to reaching the market thanks to the Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF) at Washington State University.

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  • Vaccinating increases family wealth, girls’ education

    By Marcia Hill Gossard, College of Veterinary Medicine

    PULLMAN, Wash. – A Washington State University-led research team found households in rural Africa that vaccinate their cattle for East Coast fever increased their income and spent the additional money on food and education. Researchers also found that when fewer cattle died from the fever, girls were more likely to attend secondary school.

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  • Chancellor named fellow of National Academy of Inventors

    By Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities

    RICHLAND, Wash. – H. Keith Moo-Young, chancellor of Washington State University Tri-Cities, has been named a 2016 fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.

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  • Ask Dr. Universe: How do bugs walk on water?

    PULLMAN, Wash. – The other day I was out ice skating when I started thinking about your question. Water strider bugs skitter across ponds almost as if they were skating on ice.

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  • Undergraduate research a WSU hallmark

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Providing opportunities to participate in research and creative activities marks a fundamental aspect of Washington State University’s commitment to provide undergraduate students with a truly transformational college experience.

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  • Research: Arctic’s role as climate moderator threatened

    By Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer

    SAN FRANCISCO – Scientists in a rare and sometimes dangerous study of the Arctic have found that the region’s thinning sea ice is more prone to melting and storms, threatening its role as a moderator of the planet’s climate.

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  • Cook named a fellow of National Academy of Inventors

    By Erik Gomez, Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture intern

    PULLMAN, Wash. – Diane Cook, a Washington State University researcher who created one of the first, fully instrumented, smart home test sites and has equipped 100 smart apartments with sensor networks in 10 countries, has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.

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  • Study finds people are willing to pay more for new biofuels

    By Scott Weybright, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

    PULLMAN, Wash. – When it comes to second generation biofuels, Washington State University research shows that consumers are willing to pay a premium of approximately 11 percent over conventional fuel.

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  • Dec. 13-15: WSU Tri-Cities students to showcase research

    By Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities

    RICHLAND, Wash. – Students will present over 100 research and art projects Dec. 13-15 as part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium and Art Exhibition at Washington State University Tri-Cities.

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