SP3NW to Open Wet Lab to Grow Local Startups

Funded by a $65,000 grant from the Health Sciences and Services Authority (HSSA) of Spokane and matching funds from Washington State University, WSU’s business incubator SP3NW will be opening a 563-square-foot wet lab in the WSU Spokane Innovation Center building later this summer. The new laboratory will support life science startups working to discover new chemicals, biological materials, or drugs.  

Available through a wet lab membership with SP3NW, the lab will provide the standard equipment needed in a biosafety level 1 setting, including incubators, microscopes, a wet bath, shaker plates, a filtered fume hood, and centrifuges.

SP3NW cofounder and associate director Michaele Armstrong said the lab will help startups extend their financial runways by providing equipment and space that they would otherwise have to procure themselves using limited capital that could be used to support other aspects of the business. It will also provide economic benefits to Spokane by helping to retain promising startups in the area.

Interested startups may contact SP3NW at info@SPNW.org or through its website contact form.