When to work with ORSO vs. other offices around WSU

We understand trying to “find the right office” on an unusual type of contract or agreement might be difficult. Some offices around WSU can do similar kinds of work, and we agree it can be a little confusing at times! We have made recent updates to the Office of Research Support and Operations “When to work with ORSO Decision Tree” that we hope can help bring more clarity to some of these decisions. This can be found here.

Included in our recent updates are changes reflecting recent name changes in offices around WSU, updated language on several questions for clarity and better direction and providing further updates to the definitions section including a more clear definition of a “sponsored project.”  Other meetings are being planned for early 2023 to try and make even more enhancements to the Decision Tree, so please be on the lookout!

ORSO welcomes any questions and requests for review when there is uncertainty as to which office at WSU to begin this process. Reach out to us at orso@wsu.edu