On July 1, the administration of the Program of Laboratory Animal Resources (PLAR) at WSU Health Sciences Spokane transferred to the Office of the Campus Veterinarian (OCV). Two separate external reviews of the WSU animal program conducted in fall 2016 recommended centralizing the animal facility management under the direction of Dr. Nina Woodford, director and attending veterinarian of the Office of the Campus Veterinarian. The goal behind centralization is to establish a cost-efficient, service-oriented program that meets the needs of the animal research commooknity and provides appropriate centralized support for all involved colleges.

Please note that facility centralization under OCV entails the provision of regular husbandry duties, which include required sanitation; feeding, watering, and animal health observations as well as sick animal reporting; and facility and equipment sanitization, monitoring, and repair. No disruptions in routine daily operations are expected to occur and the current animal care and financial staff will remain as part of the centrally managed system. The animal facility management will report up to OCV instead of the WSU Health Sciences Office of Research.

Contact information for OCV-PLAR is posted within the facilities and is listed below.

OCV Director and Attending Veterinarian: Nina Woodford, 509-335-8035, Email nwoodford@wsu.edu

OCV-PLAR Assistant Director and Veterinarian: Jennifer Kopanke, 509-358-7825, Office: PBS 120A, Email: jennifer.kopanke@wsu.edu

OCV-PLAR Fiscal Specialist: Barry Worden, 509-358-6842, Office HERB 128, Email: barry.worden@wsu.edu

OCV-PLAR Supervisor: Rob Archuleta, 509-358-7975, Office: PBS 11A, Email: robert.archuleta@wsu.edu

The Office of the Campus Veterinarian veterinary staff contact information is unchanged.

OCV-PLAR Veterinarian: 509-358-7825
OCV Spokane Emergency Phone: 509-592-6884
Email: ocv.spokane.vet@wsu.edu

OCV Main Office Phone: 509-335-6246
OCV Pullman Emergency Phone: 509-330-1871
Email: or.ocv.alert@wsu.edu