Office of Research releases FY2021 Research Annual Report

The Office of Research has released the FY2021 Research Annual Report.

The report highlights outstanding research conducted at WSU, along with research from nearly 150 WSU scientists who pivoted their work from existing projects to research contributing to our understanding of COVID-19 and its impact on society.

Examples of research highlighted in this report include:

  • First time evidence that human-made hexagonal diamonds are stiffer than the common cubic diamonds found in nature and often used in jewelry;
  • A breakthrough in viable surrogate sires, or male animals that produce sperm carrying only the genetic traits of donor animals;
  • The impact wildfire smoke has on Northwest vineyard’s wine grapes;
  • The role the pandemic played in increasing discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans;
  • Evidence that social media used as a news source spread misinformation about the pandemic;
  • Breastfeeding women who have COVID-19 transfer milk-borne antibodies to their babies without passing along the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We also celebrated the outstanding achievements of our entire research community, despite the challenges we faced. To learn more about the life-changing research, scholarship, and creative activity unfolding at WSU, check out the report here.