VPR conducts laboratory safety visit at Qiang Zhang lab

Chris Keane, vice president for research at WSU and vice chancellor for research at WSU Pullman, visited Qiang Zhang’s laboratory during the April laboratory safety visit to discuss inorganic chemistry research safety.

Zhang’s research focuses on the design and functionalization of porous materials, mainly metal-organic frameworks, to construct novel and multi-functional hybrid materials. Systematic analysis and design are exerted to develop multi-functional materials for a variety of applications, such as catalysis, photocatalysis, hydrogen production, and sensing. The goal is to gain a fundamental understanding of such systems as guidance to improve the performance of materials.

Hannah Johnson, graduate student, and Levi O’Loughlin, university biosafety officer and associate director of the Research Safety Program in the Office of Research Assurances, joined Keane and Zhang on the lab tour in Troy Hall.

From left to right: Levi O’Loughlin, Hannah Johnson, Chris Keane, and Qiang Zhang.