WSU launches Institutional Survey Calendar

WSU is committed to helping serve our students, staff, and faculty, and that means we listen to your feedback! In recent months, we have been alerted to the overwhelming number of surveys that are sent out, and we have been working hard on a solution to help combat this problem.

In collaboration with the Survey Governance Team, we have reviewed our practices, processes, and communication with our faculty, staff, and students. After discussing how we can best serve you, we are pleased to inform you that we have organized an online calendar of high-level surveys that we think will be most beneficial to all WSU students and employees. This will help us to better coordinate the timing of our surveys and reduce the burden on individuals like yourself. By streamlining our survey processes, we hope to bring greater awareness to the issues that matter most to the WSU community.

We understand that your time is valuable, and we appreciate your willingness to participate in our surveys. Your feedback is critical to helping us make informed decisions and drive positive change. We want to ensure that our survey processes are transparent, efficient, and respectful of your time and resources.