Reminders regarding required Responsible Conduct of Research CITI Training

Due to recent updates related to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training from federal sponsors, the Office of Research underwent a review of our current CITI training courses and found several instances where individuals have possibly mistaken selecting the Administrator level RCR training when they should have selected one of the other five RCR options (Biomedical RCR, Social and Behavioral RCR, Physical Science RCR, Humanities RCR, and RCR for Engineers). This also caused difficulty for some employees who wanted to take the RCR Refresher course.

To best ensure we are meeting all federal and University requirements, and to ensure our faculty, staff, and researchers can complete the refresher courses appropriately, we have removed the RCR for Administrators option from our available CITI trainings.  We ask that going forward, all faculty and staff who are required to take either the RCR or refresher RCR course select one of the five available RCR courses that most closely aligns with their work or research.

We anticipate there may be other upcoming changes to our RCR course requirements as CHIPS Act and other federal requirements are implemented and will communicate future updates at that time. 

For more information and directions on how to enroll and complete your CITI trainings, please visit the ORSO CITI training resource website and also see ORSO Guideline 8.