ORSO Policy 35 principal investigator and co-investigator eligibility reminders

The Office of Research is always excited to see new principal investigators (PIs) and researchers submit grant proposals. We want to take a minute and remind everyone who is eligible to be a PI here at WSU.

We’ve recently been asked if adjunct faculty, short-term faculty, emeritus, administrative professionals (AP staff), civil service, or other staff can be listed as a PI on a grant. The answer is YES! WSU encourages all our faculty and staff with an active appointment in Workday to participate in grant activities if appropriate, and with approval of their supervisors via the eREX Form.

The same mandatory trainings, compliance disclosures, and educational requirements still apply to those who are new to being involved with grants. We have the following guidance, ORSO Policy 35, to help list the roles and responsibilities of a PI in one convenient location.

Please contact orso@wsu.edu if you have any further questions.