Nuclear Science Center, Emily Brashear receive recognition during Safety Awards

The Nuclear Science Center and Office of Research’s Emily Brashear received honorable mentions during the 2018 WSU Safety, Health and Security Fair and Awards. The Safety Awards, which took place on Oct. 16, recognized outstanding health and safety contributions made by individuals and groups across the University.

The Nuclear Science Center received recognition for consistently prioritizing the safety of the department and its staff. Through training and communications, all staff members have made significant contributions to the safety, health and security of both the department and the University. In 2018, the NSC accomplished the following:

  • Trained reactor staff in fall protection;
  • Developed a facility wide Accident Prevention Plan, Chemical Hygiene Plan & Facility Procedures;
  • Received training in first aid, CPR and AEDs;
  • Installed an AED for the building;
  • Received funding and support to install new safety equipment;
  • Held two tabletop emergency exercises and one full emergency drill; and,
  • Maintained continuous communication between staff, ensuring department personnel are safe and comfortable with responsibilities and expectations.

Emily Brashear, faculty research development specialist in the Office of Research, serves as OR’s representative on the Lighty/French-Ad Safety Committee. Emily serves as OR’s spokesperson for safety-related topics. She provides brief safety reminders or advice during each OR All-Hands Staff Meeting, and writes safety messages to the department on a regular basis. Emily advocates for safety and health to those in the Office of Research, both at work and at home.