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WSU Research Find Funding

Find Funding

Learn about customizable funding searches, limited submissions, and internal funding opportunities

Customizable Funding Searches through Pivot

With Pivot, you can easily explore new avenues for funding, view funding opportunities uniquely matched to your area of research, and collaborate with colleagues. Using your WSU ID you can create and save personalized search criteria and receive a weekly targeted funding email alert listing new opportunities in their research areas.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Emily Brashear with the Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships (ORAP) at 509-335-7266 or

Quick Click Funding Options

After setting up a Pivot account, use these links to view pre-sorted funding opportunities.

Private Funding Options

Private foundations provide resources to fund crucial research and program needs. WSU has strong relationships with several foundations through the Office of Foundation Relations. If you’d like to know more about these opportunities, please send a request to

Limited Submission Opportunities

In Limited Submission opportunities, the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals an institution can submit. WSU initiates an internal screening process to determine which application(s) will be approved for submission to the sponsor.

To receive an email notification of the limited submission programs, please sign up for our Limited Submission ListServ.

Complete the Limited Submission application using the appropriate template.

Email completed applications to  If you have missed the internal deadline, please contact In the event that no other pre-proposals were received, you may be approved to proceed with a proposal to the agency.

Internal Funding Competitions

The Office of Research offers the following internal funding opportunities.

Notable Funding Opportunities

  • W.M. Keck FoundationThe Keck Foundation’s Research Program supports high-risk/high-impact projects that are distinctive and novel in their approach, question the prevailing paradigm, and/or will lead to breakthrough discoveries and new technologies. The Keck Foundation has requested applications be managed by WSU’s Office of Foundation Relations. Please contact for more information.
  • M.J. Murdock Trust: The Murdock Trust provides WSU with the opportunity to apply for a major science or engineering research equipment grant. The Murdock Trust has requested applications be managed by WSU’s Office of Foundation Relations. Please contact for more information.
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