WSU Chair/Director and Dean/VP/Chancellor eREX Form Certifications


I attest to the best of my ability and knowledge that the contents of this proposal meet expected standards and will comply with relevant international, federal, state, university, and other policies, regulations, laws, and orders and assure compliance with terms and conditions of any RFP or resulting documents (e.g. a sponsored award).  These representations, certifications and assurances include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. I believe this activity to be consistent with the mission and objectives of the Department/Center/College and meritoriously warrants consideration.
  2. The space and unit resources (especially required cost match) necessary to support the activity are available and will be made available should an agreement be accepted by the University.
  3. I believe the PI has properly secured all the proper commitments towards involvement in the project, for example subcontractors, any internal commitments, cost sharing, etc.
  4. The PI and all Co-I’s for which I am administratively responsible have on file a current conflict of interest disclosure and any consulting or extended professional activity arrangements, if applicable. In addition, the commitment of each investigator(s) time does not exceed a total combined effort above 12 person months or 100% FTE for all sponsored project activity.
  5. I understand that it is my unit’s obligation to support the PI in compliance with the terms and conditions of any resulting agreement.
  6. I understand that any unallowable costs transacted by the PI are the responsibility of their unit.  See WSU BPPM 40.01 “Fiscal Responsibilities for Grants and Contracts”.
  7. I am familiar with necessary university policies and procedures governing the supervision of faculty and staff and associated with the management of sponsored (and any related) agreements including cost accounting standards and other fiscal matters. I also understand and am familiar with my roles and responsibilities as identified on the ORSO website here:, plus the contents of WSU BPPM’s 40 (Sponsored Agreements) and 45 (Research), Executive Policies 8 (WSU System Data Policies) and 37 (WSU Information Security Policy), and BPPM 87.01 (WSU Information Security Roles, Responsibilities, and Definitions).
  8. To the best of my knowledge, the investigators are not debarred, suspended or otherwise restricted from applying, managing or participating in relevant programs.
  9. To the extent I am aware that any agent of the University has engaged in lobbying the federal government in securing the funding for which this application represents such efforts have been coordinated through or I will inform the WSU Government Relations.
  10. By clicking save on the approval screen within the eREX Form routing and approval process, I am stating that I am making these certifications and representations personally and have not shared my access credentials with anyone else as is prohibited according to WSU computing policies.
Reviewed by AG's Office 11/5/19