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Washington State University
WSU Research Arts and Humanities Seed Grant

Arts and Humanities Seed Grant Program

Encouraging development of scholarly and creative endeavors


In 2017, the Office of Research and Office of the Provost granted over $75,000 in seed grants to faculty in the arts and humanities.

The grants were funded through the strategic reallocation process that took place in 2016. In addition to funding 6 research and student success initiatives, a portion of the reallocation was budgeted to strengthen and enhance research and creative endeavors within arts & humanities at WSU. The Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships issued a request for proposals in March, and received 19 proposals representing English, music, fine arts, history, foreign languages and critical culture, gender and race studies (CCGRS).


2017 Funded Projects


Peter Chilson, English
Title: The Refugee 

Dr. Chilson will receive support for travel and interview/observation expenses to work on nonfiction book entitled The Refugee, about Djimet Dogo, head of Africa House in Portland, Oregon, a non-profit agency that supports African refugees.

Luz Maria Gordillo, Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies (WSU Vancouver)
Title: Patients, Pedagogues, Philanthropists and Field Workers

Dr. Gordillo will use her funds to complete a monograph about science and gender, focusing on the Eugenics Records Office (1906-1939) and its sponsors, field workers, and patients.

Kevin Haas, Department of Fine Arts
Title: Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium

With the grant, Dr. Haas will bring artist Lari Gibbons to WSU for a workshop, symposium and exhibit.

Xinmin Liu, Department of Foreign Languages and Culture
Title: Therapeutic Landscapes and Resilient Memories in East Asia

The grant will support Dr. Liu’s travel to two revitalized rural towns in China, where he will conduct research and prepare for a WSU conference on rural environments and an edited volume of essays, Therapeutic Landscapes and Resilient Memories in East Asia. 

Danh Pham, Department of Music
Title: Concerto for Jazz Piano and Wind Ensemble: Bringing Jazz Music to Asia

Dr. Pham will commission an adaptation of Concerto for Jazz Piano and Orchestra to foster cultural exchange with China and Vietnam through performance.

Linda Russo, Department of English
Title: Biome Writing: Ecology and Literature on the Palouse

Dr. Russo will develop a regional interdisciplinary website focused on ecological & literary texts about the Palouse ecosystem and a published book that will serve as a field guide.

Shannon Scott, Department of Music
Title: Musical Recording and Performance

Dr. Scott is commissioning, performing, recording and promoting music for a clarinet-flute duo.

Sophia Tegart, Department of Music
Title: Asian and Asian American Wind Quintet Commissions, Tour and Recording Project

The goal this project is to commission, perform and record music for two compact discs (CDs) of wind quintet music by established and emerging Asian and Asian-American composers, promoting the artistic synthesis of Asian musical traditions within the wind quintet repertoire and promoting this repertoire to numerous quintets.