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Washington State University
WSU Research Computing, Data, and Information

Computing, data, and information

Building blocks of tomorrow’s infrastructures

Imagine sensors attached to all of the devices in your life: coffeemaker, thermostat, home security system, and more. Each of those sensors captures data that must be stored, integrated, and analyzed. Computers must be able to recognize actions and respond accordingly.

WSU researchers develop ways to transform data from sensor networks and computing calculations into useful information. They conceive computational processes needed to design materials and systems, as well as to operate smart environments. Their discoveries put the staggering volume of data produced by the Internet of Things to good use.

Research areas

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Systems analytics
  • Computational design
  • A image of graphic numbers and a closeup of a laptop being used in the background Fending off quantum computer cyberattacks

    Mathematician creates a hack-proof online security system

    In April, 2015, an IBM researcher leading the company’s effort to build a quantum computer wrote, “We’re entering what will come to be seen as the golden age of quantum computing research.” If and when a practical quantum computer becomes reality, it will both revolutionize digital technology and create a tool of phenomenal hacking power.

    Internet security is no match for a quantum computer, which can quickly factor the large numbers used in computer encryption to protect email and online transactions. But using high-level number theory and cryptography, Washington State University mathematician Nathan Hamlin has reworked a famous … » More …

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