Digital Agriculture

Washington State University is committed to lead the evolution of digital agriculture in the state, the country and beyond. Central to this commitment is actively evaluating the role of academia in developing research, educational, extension and policy programs delivered to guide and facilitate the adoption of emerging digital technologies in the agricultural sector.  Because strong and continuous interaction with industry and stakeholders is essential for relevancy, our Initiative for Digital Agriculture will decisively focus on advancing these interactions.

New Institute: AgAID Institute

Past Events: 2020 Digital Agriculture Summit

              D1G1TAL AgATHON 2020

Precision Agriculture Technologies

R&D of smart sensing, decision support, and control technologies for addressing field-labor shortage, and skill-gaps, and improving production while optimizing inputs.

AI & Ag Informatics

Methods and tool support for all aspects of data, analytics, and discovery, including AI-driven data collection, analytics, management, and decision support for agricultural systems.

Crop Improvement & Phenomics

Research focuses on developing new crop varieties, for high yielding crops, global food security, high quality end-use produce for health, and sustainable crop protection.

Extension, Economics, and Policy

Engage with industry and policy makers, collaborate with end users, conduct field validation, and develop value proposition and regulatory pathways.

Systems Modeling

Data-driven multi-scale modeling of agricultural systems and their interactions with broader systems to facilitate resource management decision support.

Decision Support

Data-driven decision support systems for agricultural management, assessment, and analytics.