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WSU Research Health and Wellness

Individual health and wellness

Building health literacy and a healthful diet

What factors tip the scales from health to disease? Biology and environment, as well as social and behavioral influencers, all play a role. But if you know how to protect your own health and eat right, your odds of staying well go way up.

WSU researchers share vital information about health maintenance with individuals, families, and communities. They seek to optimize ways in which foods are produced, processed, and distributed—so you get the most benefit from every bite.

Research areas

  • Healthful foods and nutrition
  • Health literacy
  • Behavioral, social, and cultural influencers of health
  • child in rem sleep REM sleep vital for young brains

    Sleep’s final stage key to development

    A recent study of the role of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep in the development of young brains suggests that it makes experiences “stick” … » More …

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  • A group photo of two women and a man talking Happier humans

    Across cultures, introverts benefit from social behavior

    Humanity can be roughly divided into 2 personality camps: introverts and extroverts. Generally speaking, introverts prefer small groups of friends, enjoy stretches of … » More …

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  • A photo of an old woman sitting with a bunch of medications on a table Improving hospital care outcomes

    Managing medications after discharge

    Being released from the hospital seems like the end of an ordeal. But when her mother came home from a stay in the intensive care unit, … » More …

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