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Washington State University
WSU Research Promoting Equity

Promoting equity

Leveling the playing field for individuals and communities

Inequality of opportunity persists in virtually every aspect of society. Scholars identify it across political, social, economic, and educational realms. What factors give rise to inequality? What are the best paths toward reform?

WSU researchers study inequality across many disciplines. They analyze how globalization shapes business practices. They examine the impact of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education on access to opportunities and achievement. They study the behavioral aspects of social systems. Using data sciences, they model human and natural systems. Scholars probe how factors like digital access and media messages influence opportunity.

Knowledge gleaned enables them to find effective ways to redress inequities, both old and new.

Research areas

  • Understanding gender, race, and culture through artistic expression and critical inquiry
  • Understanding diversity from genetic through cultural levels of analysis
  • Injustice and inequality
  • Distribution of resources
  • Educational access