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Washington State University
WSU Research Policy Evaluation and Advancement

Policy evaluation and advancement

Analyzing economic, educational, and social protocols

Poorly conceived policies can divide communities and promote inequality. WSU researchers seek to identify key ingredients of effective policies—codes that unite disparate interests and advance our society toward equality for all. Scholars analyze a wide range of policy-related issues, among them:

  • Impact of financial and economic policies on economic opportunity
  • Social and cultural contexts of science and technology
  • Effectiveness of teaching methods and technology in economic advancement
  • How historical and global perspectives shape views on contemporary issues
  • Impact of corporate structures and behaviors on societal well-being
  • The flow of information

Research areas

  • Robust analytic and modeling strategies
  • Democratization of information and digital access
  • Global competition and its impact on the United States and world economies
  • Media psychology and communication processes and effects
  • A closeup of Julie Kmec Equity for women in the workplace

    Despite comparable levels of commitment, women don’t advance at the same rate as men

    In the past 40 years, women have assumed a larger role in the U.S. workforce. While roughly two out of five women worked for pay in the early 1970s, almost three out of five do so today[1]. But Julie Kmec, a Washington State University sociologist, has repeatedly seen how their roles, wages and mobility continue to differ dramatically from those of their male peers.

    In a study of some 800 law firms, she found that a woman’s chance of promotion decreases as she advances. Nearly 40 percent of entry-level … » More …

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