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Program Benefits

What Benefits Does I-Corps Provide?

I-Corps is Fun

The WSU I-Corps program gives alumni, industry partners, and friends of WSU the opportunity to engage students and faculty. Help WSU grow our entrepreneurship ecosystem and see the new innovations developed by WSU researchers.

I-Corps is Challenging

I-Corps participants go through an 8-week boot camp where their business ideas are vetted and improved by discussions with industry experts and potential customers.

I-Corps is Proven

The LEAN Startup process has enabled universities all over the USA to launch fast-track startups by engaging innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful business products.

Other Benefits

  • Independent evaluation of your business idea, intellectual property considerations, and mentors from industry to advise your team.
  • Mentorship and business/technology insight from relevant industry-affiliated partners and alumni.
  • Funding (up to $2000) to meet with potential customers for testing of your business ideas.
  • Connections to potential customers, industry representatives, venture capital groups, and small business consulting firms.
  • Follow-up incorporation and investment support for teams whose projects result in a viable business opportunity.