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2018 Teams

Team Inno

Jessica Collins, Kaisha Bauer, Mary-Anne Gebhart, Changi Hwang, Mitch Stewart (not pictured)

Team Inno is focused on the comfort of moms with newborn babies. Working with doctors, nurses and Pullman Regional Hospital, the team has developed a nursing garment that enables easy and comfortable access for patient monitoring while in the hospital. Also providing modesty and enabling mothers to nurse their newborn babies in public.

Team Epi-N

David Kurz and Sydney Spraul

Team Epi-N is on a mission to end anxiety over access to epinephrine pens. Their software allows epinephrine users and their family members to monitor the location and expiration date of pens, ensuring that this lifesaving medicine is available when needed, and alerting when a pen is about to expire or has been forgotten to ensure there is time to act BEFORE there is potential for an emergency!

Team Laser RevEng

Brandon Kallaher, Johnny Wang, and Aaron Crandall

Laser RevEng is providing more entertainment value to laser tag players, and more profit to the owners of laser tag facilities. Through their unique analytics software, customer feedback/CRM, and digital interactivity tools, Laser RevEng is on a mission to bring laser tag into the 21st century!

Team Qaminus

Rollen Bailey and Jason Williams

Qaminus is working hard to help apiaries and farmers take care of their bees. Colony Collapse Disorder is causing significant annual losses in the honeybee population, increasing the cost of pollinated food production and impacting the health of the ecosystem worldwide. Through simple food additives made of biomass waste, Qaminus can improve honey bee populations and make a huge impact in both food production costs and the health of the environment.

Team Methane BioConversion

Bardya Banihashemi, Oscar Marin Flores, Grant Norton, Su Ha, and Michael Summers

Team Methane Conversion is exploring the use of a unique catalyst material to turn methane flares (which are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions) into valuable chemicals that drop into the existing chemical supply chains and may one day provide an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel fuels.

Team Photon BioSciences

Bryan Borders, James Brozik, and ChulHee Kang

Photon BioSciences is producing a florescent indicator attuned to identifying extremely low-abundance biomarkers. With the advantages of this new indicator, medical health professionals may be able to diagnose many deadly diseases earlier, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced systemic medical costs.


Rajeev Sinha, Rakesh Ranjan, and Lav Khot

WSU logo

SSCDS is producing fixed spraying systems for orchard and vineyard farmers that reduce wasted water and agricultural chemicals, reduce chemical exposure for farm workers, the environment, and adjacent fields, and allow optimized application of spraying based on the needs of the crops and creating many efficiencies for farmers.

Team WholeLogic

Robert Keegan, Julie Noyes, Michael Ebinger, and Josh Shafer [not pictured]

WholeLogic aims to revolutionize the veterinary training market with its real-time, interactive surgical training solution known as Stage III.

The Acoustic Trauma Team

Kristy Lawton, John Harkness, and Allison Coffin

The Acoustic Trauma Team created a novel apparatus for identifying hearing loss within zebra fish to aid in drug development for certain hearing loss pharmaceuticals.

Team ARCFitt

Ariel Bowman, Tiffany Reis, Chris Connolly, and Ashdeep Mahein [not pictured]

ARCFitt intends to build a fitness community within the framework of a preexisting college student on-campus experience through a mobile application to provide workout tips, instructions, floor plans, class schedules, and even match you with workout buddies all within your preexisting collegiate network.

Team Gypsum Drywall Brick

David Drake and Taiji Miyasaka

Team Gypsum Drywall Brick developed a novel alternative to the traditional cinder block made solely out of drywall waste materials which can replace or augment the need for heavy cinder blocks for smaller-scale household or commercial construction projects.

Team IntelliMu

Samaneh Aminikhanghahi and Sepehr Nesaei

IntelliMu is an intelligent music recommender software that can be added to any voice-enabled smart devices such as Google home, amazon echo, etc. The main features of IntelliMu are: mood detection using user’s voice, music recommendation based on current mood, data obtained from user’s history and user’s feedback, voice recognition, accent recognition, and personalized data collection.

Team Digital Memory Notebook

Emily Faust, Tina Higgins, Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe (and lab)

The Digital Memory Notebook (DMN) is an evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation treatment designed to help support memory and everyday functioning in adults diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. The DMN treatment package consists of an iOS application, a Training Manual, a Clinician Manual, and a Data Usage Dashboard for progress monitoring.

Team Ryzium

Michael Krebs and Danylo Kurgan

Ryziym uses technology to provide users with a fully autonomous, hands-free trading solution.


Myah Hougten, Chris Blodgett, and Kim Calamia-McKee

The CLEAR Trauma-Informed School Network provides a systematic strategy to help schools reduce the impact of early childhood emotional trauma on academic success. CLEAR increases schools’ capacity as natural support systems by helping school personnel and leadership integrate the key principles of effective trauma-informed practices into all aspects of student supports and teaching.


Josef Woloschek, Joe Vaughn, and Keegan Otter

CENSE exists to deliver personalized, actionable, hassle-free risk-warnings for wild fire smoke to the general public in hopes to enable people to take self-protective action.

Team .ie.Life

Collin Doneen

.ie.Life: There is so much going on in everyone’s life. If people account for and organize their thoughts, obligations, things, and overall world around them, and compound that with lifestyle/mindfulness/Habits/etc., their life will go more smoothly.

Team POC Cancer Detector

Devon McCornack and Wen-Ji Dong

Team POC Cancer Detector aims to develop a paper-based, electrophoretic device capable of concentrating, capturing, and quantifying cancerous-derived exosomes for cancer diagnostic applications.

Team HitchHiker

Nathan Young, Jared Strand, and Elliot Ries

Team HitchHiker aims to solve the long-distance ride-sharing service by providing a secure and easy-to-use payment and matchmaking platform.