Extension, Engagement and Education (E3)

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The Extension, Engagement and Education (E3) working group is a collaboration between IREO, Extension the Center for Civic Engagement and the College of Arts and Sciences focused on broadening and diversifying the means through which WSU can deploy talent to serve our stakeholders. The group functions to support the land grant mission of WSU by aligning efforts, energies and resources across the university system. The group serves to build the right bridges between the communities across the state and our student talent and research expertise inside the WSU system. The goal of these efforts are to develop and deploy experiential learning opportunities for students and community engagement opportunities for faculty in order to provide meaningful outcomes for the communities in which our extension expertise is deployed.   

The collective aim of this cross-unit collaboration is to identify key gaps in resourcing and communications needed to execute on this bridge building and project routing activity to ultimately develop new programmatic offerings that can provide transformative educational experiences for students and increased public statewide access to expertise within WSU. 

The objectives of the E3 group are to: 

1) Promote experiential and interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities across the curriculum.

2) Develop new public and private reciprocal partnerships while strengthening current community relationships in support of the land-grant mission.

3) Attract additional external funding in support of these efforts. 

Completed Projects

Technology Use in Agriculture

Collective Ag Water Monitoring Network

Healthy Food Sources