Working With Industry 101

Our next workshop series starts Monday, May 15, 2023, and we’d like to extend a big thanks to the nearly 160 faculty and trainees who have joined us since 2020!

Industry yields many positive results for academics. While typically industry funding only constitutes a small fraction of a lab’s overall research portfolio, the benefits to faculty & students are multifaceted & often lead to higher overall funding & publication rates. Furthermore, our industry partners are typically very interested in engaging our students for not only research projects, but for training and recruitment (e.g. internships and career opportunities). Developing strong industry partnerships create many reciprocal benefits.

Due to unique barriers, however, the process for finding industry funding requires a distinct approach. For faculty who are interested in developing an industry partnership to add to their funding portfolio, the Innovation & Research Engagement Office (IREO) has developed the course series outlined below.

This 4-part course will take place via Zoom from 12:00-1:30pm on May 15, 17 and 22nd, and 4-6:30 on May 24 in Pullman for our final discussion panel and networking reception. We strongly encourage faculty to bring a senior graduate student or postdoctoral trainee for joint participation; this is a key element of strong industry partnerships. Course descriptions follow:

Class 1 — Introduction to Working with Industry: Process, Proposal, Timelines, & Statements of Work

  • IREO Staff will provide an overview of the course & outline developing a partnership
  • Overview of initial contact to getting project scoped, submitted & over to legal
  • Identifying industry contracting & meeting the expectations of industry partners
  • Basics of intellectual property
  • Tools & tips for being a good partner, billing, adding ancillary value & getting to the next project

Class 2 — Finding the Right Partner & Specific Contacts

  • Demonstrations on how you can find companies working & publishing in your interest areas
  • We will walk through individual outreach strategies, and examples will be tailored to applicable research areas of attendees
  • How to address common pitfalls & develop success strategies during the process
  • Exclusive appointments will be available for personalized follow-up and coaching from our experts

Class 3 — Effective Collaborations from Industry’s Perspective: Best (and worst!) Practices

  • A panel of industry representatives will discuss how to initiate a conversation & develop a project

Class 4 — Effective Collaborations from the Faculty Perspective: Benefits of Industry Partnering and Lessons Learned

  • A panel of faculty peers will discuss strategies and adaptations from their industry experiences

Space is limited so reserve your spot now! Email with any questions, or please use the link at the top of the page to register. Please also list the name of the trainee who will join you; your trainee may also complete the form on your behalf.