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IREO Podcast




Welcome to Inside Industry with IREO, the premier podcast series about working with industry to fund research. This podcast is brought to you by the Innovation and Research Engagement Office (IREO) team located at Washington State University.

Episode 6 – Maria Gartstein

Inside Industry with IREO is joined by Maria Gartstein a psychology professor and Head of the Gartstein Temperament Lab here at WSU. Maria was recently featured in the Netflix documentary “Babies” for her studies in infant temperament studies.

Episode 5 – Jacob Leachman


This episode is joined by Jacob Leachman, a WSU professor. His research interests include rocket and space vehicle designs, hydrogen, and cryogenics.

Episode 4 – Tiffany Reiss

This episode, we welcome Tiffany Reiss, the head of the E3 group, which supports the land grant mission of WSU by aligning efforts, energies, and resources across the university system.


E3 Website

Episode 3 – David Makin & Lois James

Inside Industry with IREO brings a special episode with WSU faculty David Makin and Lois James. Listen to how their research is being used to improve policing and fight racism.

David Makin is the co-founder and Director of the Complex Social Interactions Lab and an associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. His work examines the relationship between technology and criminal justice practice, with an emphasis on police interactions.

Lois James is an assistant professor in the Washington State University (WSU) College of Nursing. Dr. James’s simulation-based research on the impact of bias on police decision making has significantly advanced what is known about how suspect race and ethnicity influences police officers during critical encounters with the public.

Episode 2 – Sheryl McGrath

This episode, we interviewed Sheryl McGrath, the associate state director of the Washington Small Business Development Center, to find out about what the SBDC does to support and aid small businesses.

Episode 1 – Brian Kraft

This episode, we interviewed Brian Kraft, Vice President of IREO, to talk about the role of industry and the IREO team at Washington State University.


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