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2019 Teams

Team DMN 2.0

Emily Faust, Reanna Cunningham, Catherine Sumida, Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe
Team Digital Memory Notebook aims to provide an integrative digital notebook iPad App for consumers with mild cognitive impairment.

Crimson Medical Solutions

Mitch Weholt, Stephen Bone, Tanner Stahl, Tyler Sager
CMS is solving “IV Line Spaghetti” by creating a simple-to-use, organization system for intravenous (IV) lines in Intensive Care Units. We are developing an IV (intravenous) line organizer and connector. The current device in place by nurses to label, organize and connect IV lines is normal masking tape. Although cheap, this method leaves a lot of room for improvement and we feel we can fill this void with a well-designed prototype to create a more organized, safe environment for both nurses and patients.


Tim Baker, Keith Warner
Reavenly is an enterprise-level software solution for boutique hoteliers to help minimize swing rates in per night room rates to help maximize revenue and largely impact the bottom-line. Our hotel room rate optimization software is aimed at smaller properties. They are currently not served well by existing vendors; they complain that industry software creates wide swings in rates over time, which angers customers. This happens because existing systems “overfit” the data for smaller properties. Which my software doesn’t.

All Aboard

Ian McDonald, Genevieve Harvey, Rahul Singal
All Aboard is a peer to peer platform that provides recreational watercraft owners the ability to safely rent their watercraft to the public. All Aboard’s value proposition is simple: water sport enthusiasts of any skill level can enjoy access to unique experiences with all types of watercrafts without the cost of ownership, while the owners can benefit from their continued use while at home or away.


Micah Manago, Junghyun Kim, Vishal Sonawane, Abhishek Suntwal (not pictured)
Weflair provides a platform that allows its users to monetize their talents by buying or selling products/services from other users within a 10-mile radius.

Through Infinity & Beyond

KJ, Nitthilan, Kumar Ashwini
Team TIAB hopes to create a tele-training app for individuals to learn and practice specific exercise or sport movements through bio-mechanic tracking and matching platform to enhance performance based on mimicked learning.

PE.Life 2.0

Collin Doneen
a mobile application for organizing all aspects of life focusing on health, as well as a shelf/desk for staying fit while also being productive

Extraterrestrial Tent

David Yerokhin, Evan Pederslie, Wyatt Jabaay (not pictured)
The Extraterrestrial Tent improves outdoor camping experiences for active millennials by minimizing frustrations and inconvenience while increasing comfortability and functionality with a self-assembling, climate controlling, mattress equipped, and powered tent.

Pure Ear Products
Rory Krueger, Matt Mehring, Andy Engelbertson
Pure Ear Products aims to solve the frustrating issue of “Swimmer’s Ear” through their novel alcohol formulation and spray application.

Meditation Orb

Aaron Ramadan, Kristian Gubsch, James Jessen, Nam Nguyen
Team Meditation Orb are working on an interactive, sensor-driven mindfulness orb that collects bio-metric data to help meditation practitioners focus on their breath-work to

AYB Drafting

Arthur Baranovskiy, Keith Warner
AYB Drafting recruit, formally train, and certify young students with AutoCAD and Microsoft Office certifications, after which AYB Drafting would subcontract them to local companies for internships.


Kajal Sabhaya, Zachary Larson, Yatin Singla
Cocoon aims to build a smart crib that has built in sensors to detect respiratory rate, temperature and movement of the baby to help reduce the occurrence of SIDS. The data will be sent to an app, and will also notify parents if breathing has stopped.