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How to Apply

Faculty, students, staff, and alumni from WSU may apply. Applicants are not required to have previous experience in business or entrepreneurship.

I-Corps is available at all WSU campuses via Zoom Conference App.
Individual applicants will be paired into I-Corps teams. WSU I-Corps teams typically consist of 2-4 members [click for detailed explanation of Team roles]:

  • At least one scientific or technology expert who has a business idea or is capable of performing technological assessment of an idea adopted by the team (“the scientific lead”).
  • At least one student, alumni, or post-doc interested in conducting entrepreneurial research and directing group efforts (“the entrepreneurial lead”).
  • One or more complementary members with skills that will add value to the team’s ability to assess the technological or business potential of the idea.

The WSU I-Corps directors will put members into teams in order to match participants with different experiences.

Please contact us at if you have questions regarding teaming for I-Corps.

Team Lignin Biojet at UW Business Plan Competition