VPR conducts safety visit at Knott Dairy

From left: Marcos Marcondes, Celina Matuk Sarinana, Alan Ekstrand, Amber Adams-Progar, Chris Keane, Kim Christen, Nina Woodford

Chris Keane, vice president for research at WSU and vice chancellor for research at WSU Pullman, visited the WSU Knott Dairy during his monthly laboratory safety visit.

The Knott Dairy is a working dairy supporting research and teaching. Approximately 180 lactating cows at the dairy provide milk for Ferdinand’s ice cream and Cougar Gold Cheese. WSU’s dairy farm has been in operation for more than six decades and continues to lead the way in dairy teaching, research, and outreach to support the dynamic dairy industry.

As a research center, Knott Dairy creates collaborative opportunities to discover, develop and implement new best practices in dairy products and foods, with support from industry leaders and government.

Keane met with Amber Adams-Progar, diary management specialist and associate professor in the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, Marcos Marcondes, assistant professor in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences, and Celina Matuk Sarinana, animal care facility manager, to talk about their research in dairy cattle management, nutrition, and behavior and welfare.

Adams-Progar studies behavioral and physiological indicators of stress in dairy cattle to improve on-farm managements practices. The goal is to develop a better understanding of how production practices affect dairy cattle welfare and determine best management practices that promote better health, well-being, and performance in dairy cattle.

Marcondes research focuses on feed evaluation, management strategies, nutrient requirements, and economics of dairy operations. Through his research, he uses alternative feedstuffs for cattle, supplementing replacement heifers on pasture and feedlots, and calf nutrition and development. His research program also uses an integrated approach by collaborating dairy cattle nutrition, reproduction, and behavior and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions and the environment. He also is working to understand the impact of those strategies in dairy systems by using modeling tools and evaluating economic outcomes.

Kim Christen, associate vice chancellor for Research Advancement and Partnerships, Nina Woodford, director of the Office of the Campus Veterinarian, Alan Ekstrand, assistant director of the Animal Welfare Program, and Levi O’Loughlin, associate director of Research Safety joined Keane for the laboratory safety visit.