Considerations for Effective International Scholar Visits

As WSU strengthens its research security programs to meet requirements set forth by State and Federal guidelines, we’d like to share a resource for those of you who are working with or planning to host international visitors and scholars.

Here you will find a guide to assist in the planning and coordination of setting up visits for international visitors and scholars, which includes helpful links and best practices for hosting your guests.

WSU’s International Programs unit (WSU IP) provides help with determining and obtaining the proper visas for guests, as well as other necessary information for visitors.  

Approvals for your visitors must be obtained from WSU IP, Human Resource Services, and the appropriate college or unit representatives of the WSU employee hosting the visitor. This includes completing the Offer Letter for ‘Visiting Scholars or Adjunct Faculty,’ which can be found here

While visiting, if our international scholars will be assisting with research, they will also need to take the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training, which can be found here. Additionally, visitors using WSU resources for research purposes are required to complete the Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information Agreement for Visiting Personnel Using WSU Facilitiesand return it to the WSU Office of Commercialization. It is the responsibility of the hosting academic unit to ensure that visitors are aware of WSU’s policies and complete the form before the beginning of their visit.

WSU strives for excellence in research, and will adhere to federal and state laws. WSU ORSO Guideline 27 is a resource for Export Controls, as well as the Export Control Guidance page. In some cases, Restricted Party Screening must be completed for the visiting parties, and the Office of Research Assurances and WSU IP can assist with those processes.  

WSU understands and respects the importance of our collaborations with international universities and scholars and want to ensure you and your units have all the necessary resources to ensure you and your guests have fruitful and rewarding visits.