Science Pub to feature Genome Editing in Livestock

WSU’s Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors (EFA) will host the next Science Pub on Tuesday, May 10, from 6-7 p.m., at the Paradise Creek Brewery and broadcast online via Zoom. The talk titled, “Debate on the Ethics of Genome Editing in Livestock,” will feature WSU’s Patricia Glazebrook, philosophy professor, Jill McCluskey, WSU Regents professor, University of California, Davis animal scientist Alison Van Eenennaam, and University of Idaho agricultural economist Jason Winfree.

Opposition to foods made from new technology, especially genetic engineering, has been increasing over time. Recent advances in genome-editing are widely acknowledged to have tremendous potential for beneficial results, but research is needed to understand the accompanying potential scientific, ethical, regulatory, and social consequences. Since genome editing is a relatively new phenomenon, there is an opportunity to study how social interactions affect consumer acceptance of it. Consumers obtain information about new technology in many ways, including personal interactions, social media, and traditional media. This team project examines how the delivery of this information through various forms of media affect consumer acceptance of genome editing.

In their talk, the researchers will address genome=edited hornless livestock and animal welfare. They will explain how they use text-mining algorithms on major social and traditional news media websites to understand their impact on public sentiment about genome editing and animal welfare. This public-engagement event is important to facilitate communication between scientists, producers, ethicists, and the public about the use of genome editing for hornless cattle. 

For participants interested in attending in person, the Paradise Creek Brewery will host seating indoors at 100% capacity. The pub talk will also be broadcasted on a large projection screen in the restaurant area. For participants interested in attending via Zoom, please register for the Zoom link here.

Science Pub Talk is free with a suggested $5 donation benefiting the Palouse Discovery Science Center.