Commercialization Gap Fund now accepting applications for 2023

The Office of Commercialization is now accepting applications for the 2023 Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF). The Letter of the Intent, the first of the three submission stages, is due at 5 p.m., on Friday, July 22.

The CGF awards researchers up to $40,000 to those that demonstrate that their innovation(s) can make an economic impact on our society. It is intended to be the final funding step for near market-ready technologies in the areas of cleantech, engineering, human and animal health, and agricultural and information technologies. Funds will be distributed using a milestone-driven process with stipulated goals reached before the next funding increment is approved.

The application process consists of three submission stages: Letter of Intent, pre-proposal, and full proposal. The full proposal stage is by invite only and is only offered to applicants who have disclosed their technology by Monday, May 23, submit a letter of intent, and a pre-proposal before the respective deadlines.

Click here for information about the application process and deadline or watch a recorded CGF workshop.