Inside Industry with IREO podcast releases new episodes

Inside Industry with IREO, the Innovation and Research Engagement Offices premier podcast series about working with industry to fund research, has released new episodes featuring Becky Connors, Georgina Lynch, John Harkness, and Kate Evans.

In episode 16, Connors, a licensed veterinary technician for the PRIME Lab in the Small Animal Medicine and Research Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, joins Inside Industry with IREO to discuss testing for the MDR1 mutation in pets such as dogs and cats.

Lynch, an assistant professor and director of the INLab, talks about her research on using eye-tracking technology to screen for Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also utilizes various WSU resources for her work and explains how in episode 15.

Episode 14 features Harkness, a researcher at WSU Vancouver and the CEO of Rewire Neuro, and his recent success in funding his work. Along with Rewire Neuro, which focuses on AI machine learning, Harkness also conducts various research projects with WSU and Allison Coffin, associate professor at WSU Vancouver.

Inside Industry with IREO met up with Evans, one of the key researchers behind Cosmic Crisp® for episode 13 to discuss how Cosmic Crisp® was created. How apples are bred, and what’s next for her and her team.

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