Come to the Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) Contracting Group if you need assistance with your sponsored research agreements!

The ORSO Contracting Group is ready, eager, and able to help with more than just the interpretation, negotiation, and acceptance of complex sponsored research contracts. The ORSO Contracting Group will support you with material transfer agreements (both incoming and outgoing), data use agreements (both incoming and outgoing), nondisclosure agreements (whether bilateral or unilateral), and other no-money agreements that are critical to the success of your research project.

Additionally, if you have already received an award and need to issue funding to external collaborators, the ORSO Contracting Group is responsible for issuing your subawards and subcontracts. If you contact the ORSO Contracting Group soon after you receive your award, the University can expediently issue the funding your external collaborators need to get started on your important project.

If you have questions about subawards, subcontracts, or outgoing material transfer agreements, please contact Anke Moore by email at

If you have questions about anything else that the ORSO Contracting group can do for you, please contact Jason Oliver by email at