As WSU strives to achieve our strategic goals, it is important we make sure we are maintaining our integrity and using our policies to guide our actions.

One of the best ways WSU can improve relations between our institution and others is to invite guest faculty and scholars. Visiting faculty or visiting scholars are faculty members or professionals from other institutions who come to WSU to teach, collaborate, or assist with research.

Typically, a position as visiting scholar is for a couple weeks or longer, though it can be extended. The faculty or professional then returns to their home institution at the end of their appointment. Visiting faculty using WSU resources for research purposes are required to complete the “Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information Agreement for Visiting Personnel Using WSU Facilities” and return it to the WSU Office of Commercialization.

If you are hosting a visiting scholar, please help their transition by assisting with this paperwork. Please also ensure that all visitors are aware of WSU’s policies prior to their visit. For any international visitors, WSU departments must work closely with Global Services. Global Services has primary responsibility for ensuring that the University is in compliance with all federal reporting requirements for foreign nationals at WSU.

For more information, check out the Office of Commercialization, the Office of Research Support and Operations, and the International Research websites.