Washington State University’s Animal Care and Use Program received the official AAALAC letter for the site visit conducted last October and received Continued Full Accreditation with no mandatory findings.

AAALAC highlighted WSU’s PI’s expertise and engagement in the program, excellent animal health, an active and engaged Institutional Official, knowledgeable and well trained animal care staff, and a number of other outstanding qualities of the Animal Care and Use Program. This is an extremely good outcome especially when considering the size and complexity of the program and demonstrates WSU’s commitment to running a quality program.

The AAALAC Council accepted the majority of our corrective actions taken after the site visit to address the site visitors findings. However, AAALAC also included four Suggestions for Improvement (SFIs). While SFIs are not mandatory to address, AAALAC will follow up through the annual reporting process and the next triennial site on each SFI. We are reviewing each of the SFIs and will implement corrective actions as appropriate and after engagement with the appropriate stakeholders.

We really appreciate all of your continued support and the work put in by your faculty and staff required to maintain an excellent program.